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Face-to-face lesson (one or two times a month ) is available.

The lesson schedule is decided through conversation with the teacher so you can go to the lesson with the flexibility of your schedule. 

♪Electric Bass or Acoustic Bass:

 My house in Nara, or 

 Arete Nuova Music School (Kizugawa, Kyoto)

♪Takao's Jazz music theory: Cafe or public hall in Osaka, Kyoto, Takarazuka

♪Online Lesson

 The online lesson is available with the following smartphone apps:

 FB Messenger

Skype is relatively good considering its quality of sound and time rag is not frequent.  Please ask the teacher which apps you want to use.  Lessons for electric bass, acoustic bass, music theory are available online.  Of course, if you do not like the online lesson, F-to-F lesson is available for you!

♪Trial lesson

A free trial lesson (30 mins) is available.

If you do not have any musical instrument as a beginner, we can lend you our instrument.

Electric Bass Lesson

A bassist should play any bass line, including Jazz, Rock, Pops, and R&B, by just reading chord symbols. From basic music skills to how to groove, music theory of harmony will be supported. 

Acoustic Bass Lesson

Classical fundamental music skill using a bow is learned (we use classical textbook of Simandl for the lesson).  We also how to do jass pizzicato, 4 beat walking bass, and how to solo.

Music Theory Lesson (Jazz and Pops)

Based on what I learned from Mr. Makoto Takenaka, who was Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, I will teach you the theory of overtone, basic understanding of chord and scale. 

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