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Manhattan in New York from 2008 to 2010. There are always so many people at Times Square. I learned how to play the double bass by William McEvoy, who played at Broadway theaters near here.


I bought the first double bass in New Orleans. Jazz funeral is a funeral in the tradition of New Orleans, Louisiana, accompanied by a brass band called "second line", followed by the "first line", consisting of family and relatives of the dead person.


Photo session of a model with a band at Central Park in New York. Her red dress is very nice by the bassist.


Looking for a cafe near SOHO, I encountered a gospel group standing and singing in front of J.Crew. As their singing was bright and soulful, I was about to cry. They sing by blood.


A open car near SOHO, which was really cool.


Visiting Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans. There was an over-400-meter arch of Virginia Live Oak trees, aged over 300 years. Anna (45 yrs)...$900 Rose (36 yrs) - With her two children: Nicholas (3 yrs), Celeste (10 mons.) estimated together at...$ 1000 Mary (25 yrs) - American Mulatress...$ 900 Fogon (11yrs)...$ 600 I saw a little price table of slaves at that time.


Here, I performed Jazz with my electric bass with drummer Daisuke Iimori. It was my honer to perform music with Classic orchestra.


This area near Tompkins Square Park on Avenue B in East Village is called Charlie Parker Place. Charlie played his saxophone at Tompkins Square Park, in front of his apartment, even at night. Sometimes, police car came to him. Charlie slept at the park, even though his apartment was in front of this park. His saxophone was taken by a homeless who deceived him. He could not go to work without his saxophone and was fired and lost the job.

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