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Takao Saito
A bassist who plays a variety of music including Jazz, Rock, Pops, R&B.


Takao Saito

Takao Saito started to play the electric bass in 1995 with his drummer Daisuke Iimori.  Since then, he has been playing a broad range of music including Rock, Pops, R&B, Funk, Fusion, and Jazz. While performing Standard Jazz, he arranges Pop and Rock music. He studied acoustic bass while he was in New York in 2008,  After he returned to Japan, he started to play with Mr. Makoto Takenaka, a Jazz pianist who used to be the assistant professor at Berklee College of Music.  He played with classic orchestra including Vinicio Allegrini, prof. d'orchestra first trumpet, Foundation Lyric Theater of Cagliari. He plays Gospel music with ETERNITY MINISTRY.


Takao Saito studied the acoustic bass under William McEvoy, who played in Broadway, in New York in 2008. He studied Jazz theory under Makoto Takenaka, and Jazz bass under Jazz bassist Keiich Ishibashi.

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